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During a webinar we...

Answer Your Questions

Our webinars are pull-based: not a lot of content push from our side, but focused around your questions. Any content that we do provide, serves as a framework to answer your questions.

Share the TOP foundation habits

The goal of a webinar is of course not only to answer your questions, but to get you started building the right habits. We will provide you with a list of evidence based foundation habits. Foundation habits are proven to be a good place to start and at the same time, hold transformational power. Small habits that over time can deliver huge results.

It's a Mini-Track!


Help Us Design Your Webinar

2 weeks before the webinar, you send in your questions on the topic. What do you expect from the webinar? What questions do you want to see covered?



During the 90′ interactive webinar we focus on 1) answering your questions with help of a basic framework, 2) the TOP foundation habits on this topic.


Digital follow-up and habit support

After the webinar, you get started with building your personalized new habit that will help you achieve your goals.


You can order 1 or a series of webinars , but why not build your own learning academy by mixing webinars with our other bite-sized training formats?
(90′ workshops – skills trainings)



Maybe the best thing about our webinars is, that the format works so well, we can train your senior managers to deliver them. And whilst we love delivering them ourselves of course, we recognize the benefit of empowering your leaders to share their own best practices using our cutting-edge training formats.


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