Hi there,

I’m Sarah, CEO of CUTESolutions, and I want to share with you the story of our habit movement.

So we are a training company. But not just a regular one. We discovered that most training courses fail, not because they aren’t awesome, but because they try to implement massive change through massive steps. And that doesn’t work.

Like I said: we believe in great changes through little habits!

Not just ANY habits! Little habits that…
– Are manageable for all (even those who HATE change)
– Are evidence-based (we sure didn’t invent them!)
– Will have a lasting impact (otherwise, what’s the use, right?)

So, we created a 3-month program to help organizations focus on the smallest habits with the biggest impact. We call it THE HABIT MOVEMENT. 

It helps people build new habits through online and offline activities. And we promise you that 80% of all participants will successfully build new habits that have a lasting effect on their productivity and job satisfaction.

We hope you will join us too! Because this program is truly amazing.

We have just launched 3 different habit movements:
One on the ‘conversation habit’,
One on the ‘leadership habit’,
And one on the ‘productivity habit’.

What’s so different about these tracks compared to regular training programs?

I’ll give you some examples:

You made it till the end! And we love you for it. So what is still left to say other than…JUST JOIN THE HABIT MOVEMENT! It’s a good program. It’s not that much money. We know this will actually change your people’s behavior. You will learn a lot from our habit experience and get a chance to look behind the scenes of how HR people in other companies organize programs like this. So why not give it a go? It’s time to create great changes through little habits, and you know it!
Call us. Mail us. Check us on all the socials. And create a habit movement of your own!
Sarah and the cuties.