The Mingles

What is a mingle?
Our mingles are digital DIY exercises that kick-start a change in mindset, behaviors or habits. They are made for people who work together on a regular basis.

What makes them so powerful?
1. From online to offline.
Every mingle puts the principles of blended learning into practice: the exercises are explained on a digital platform, and are put into practice immediately during a meeting, a lunch break, …

2. Together.
The mingles only work when people are doing them together: with their team, with a couple of colleagues, with their project group, … They talk about their way of working together, and discover drivers for habit-change.

3. Self-training in real-time.
Your people will train themselves! They can experiment with these mingle-exercises on their own pace, at their own time. It’s learning when it suits them, and when they actually need it in the business as usual.

Target Group?
Individuals or teams