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Hi there! Just a message to let you know that we are working on some brand new 90 minute topics for 2019! Here’s a list of the new training topics and my favorite key habit for every one of them. Enjoy! 🙂

Non-violent communication

Difficult conversations are often a mess because our main focus is on the other. We know that their actions are ‘wrong’. And we want to fix it. But instead of focusing on the other, we need to go inwards. Get close to our personal needs. What do we need to be happy, productive, fulfilled? And how to communicate about those needs to each other? By using the principles of non-violent communication!

My favorite key habit on this topic: Express how they can help + listen

When having an argument, frame your needs, and express to the other how they can help you with this. Formulate requests into clear, positive actions. (‘Can you do x for me’ instead of ‘Can you stop doing x!’) Listen carefully to their needs as well, and search for a win-win situation (instead of a compromise).


You will learn faster if you divide a macro-skill into various micro-skills and practice those separately. This is called micro-learning! During this session you will apply this new type of learning to one of your personal goals.

My favorite key habit on this topic: Define the ‘effort hotspot’

What is the one thing that will help you save energy when learning a new skill? (For example: put the weight on your feet when you are climbing a mountain instead of on your hands) Pick a micro-skill that is linked with this effort- hotspot!

 Tip: check out this book on micro-mastery.

Find focus

In this new economy, those who are able to focus in this world full of distractions, have a particular advantage! This requires high-level concentration on the things that matter, and time for deep work.

My favorite key habit on this topic: Schedule deep work

Become aware of the difference between ‘shallow work’ (= answering mails, phone calls, meetings, …) and ‘deep work’ (= tasks that ask for a high level of focus and deliver quality results). Decide on the best time/place to do deep/shallow work during your work-week/day.

Nature habits at work

Since 2008 we are an urban species: more people live in the city than on the countryside. This disconnection with nature has a negative impact on our happiness and productivity. Luckily, you don’t have to hike every day to work to get your nature-fix! Get started with micro-dosing on nature to boost your creativity and decrease your stress-levels.

My favorite key habit on this topic: Nature spotting

Nature is everywhere where life thrives, including in the cities! Search nature in everything around you, and use every single one of your senses when spotting nature:

  • The four elements: water, earth, fire and air
  • Other species: dogs, flies, birds, spiders, …
  • The weather
  • The sun, the moon, the stars
  • Greenery: trees, grass, flowers, leaves, moss, … – Natural elements like stone, wood, sand, …
  • Food: fruit, nuts, orange juice, … 🙂
  • Nature views

Tip: Check out the Ozadi-website! (We are creating a program together with them right now on how to incorporate nature at the office.)

Closing the deal

Closing a deal is a specific part of a sales process that requires a specific set of skills. Ultimately, the client makes the decision, but we can guide him/her through that decision process, and using the right closing strategies might just make the difference between making or breaking the deal.

 My favorite key habit on this topic: Close while framing

Frame at the beginning of the meeting that this is a meeting to close the deal. This small habit can already make a big difference!

Pitch perfect

Pitching isn’t about you, or your amazing product. It’s about the problem you solve for your customer. That’s why you don’t just want to tell or sell your story. You want your audience to do something with it!

My favorite key habit on this topic: Script your pitch

Design a script that fits your audience: the pain, the product/service, the product-demo, the USP, customer examples, your business model, the investment, the team, a call to action, …

Create moments of impact

Our highest priority is satisfying our customers… except when it is hard, or unprofitable, or when we’re just too busy. 😉 Customer-centricity often isn’t about the big things! You can achieve it just by creating small moments of impact.

My favorite key habit on this topic: Observe first

Don’t start your customer service strategy by assuming things. What are the actual needs of our customers? It all starts with observing: what are customers asking for? What are problems they are facing? Do you know more about their dreams? Any idea what other people expect from them? ….

Check-in conversations

According to a Deloitte-research only 12% of companies believe their existing performance management process is worth the time they put into it. Avoid the common pitfalls and make it worth your time by reinventing your performance management process: use regular check- ins!

My favorite key habit on this topic: Check in on the mood

Become aware of your mood-barometer during a check-in conversation. Does this feel like an energizing conversation or not? And if not, why is that the case, and what can you do about it?


Actively managing your career on a day to day basis will make sure that you will have a fulfilling job in the long run! So don’t set yourself up for a burn-out, and get started with some job-crafting to pivot your way into the job of your dreams.

My favorite key habit on this topic: Pilot

Generate opportunities to help you go into the desired direction. Seek out ways to pilot small-scale versions of your larger career-vision. Based on the results, you can adjust your methods according to your strengths and goals.

The T-shaped professional

Being an expert isn’t enough. What the business world looks for right now, is people that have an in-depth experience in a certain area, combined with a big picture mindset. They are called T-shaped professionals! Ready to become one of them?

My favorite key habit on this topic: Experiment

Actively search for tools/processes/ideas from other industries that could be interesting for your field of expertise. Take the time to experiment and see how they can be useful in your job.

How women rise

The glass ceiling is real, and it’s about time we help you break through it! Often, we are our own obstacle to future success: we feel reluctant to take credit, minimize our accomplishments, and let our perfectionism take the upper hand. We say ‘no more’! Time to rise and shine.

My favorite key habit on this topic: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good

Spend 80% of your time to the 20% of things that are the most important. Don’t lose yourself into details, but focus only on those things that actually matter in the long run and are visible to others.


Before motivation comes connection! Are you connecting with the internal drivers of your team? Because every team member craves something: to learn and create new things, to do better by themselves and the world. Discovering what makes others tick, and fueling these inner drivers, is the best way to motivate your team.

My favorite key habit on this topic: Give ownership

People want to feel trusted and encouraged to take ownership of their work. So take steps to create a more self-steering team.

Hope you like them!

Anneleen, content manager @CUTESolutions

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