New Location, New Vibes

Time to move. New location, New vibes!

Googling It Wrong

It was May 2008 when I applied for a job as a management assistant for a company called CUTESolutions. The owner her name was Sarah Cherif.  Curious as I was, I tried to Google her – and yes by writing it down as Sheriff

No hits… I was even more curious since I didn’t had a meeting with her but with a recruiter. Luckily I got to round 2 and was invited to another meeting with the founder Sarah. A very enthousiastic lady who was looking for a partner in crime to give structure to her office since she was away a lot to give leadership trainings. And since I am now writing down this blog post, almost 10 years later, it is obvious that I got the job.

New Location, New Vibes 2008

My CUTE career started on the first of October 2008. It was a difficult start, we all know what happened to the financial markets a couple of months later, so the first year was just a struggle. We were located in a business centre in Ghent, so since we had someone at the reception to answer our phone calls, we had the luxury to visit existing clients and prospects during the day.

90-Minute Workshops

Our main focus was to sell our short 90-minute workshops instead of full day trainings. And it worked! We hired Liesbeth to be our new office manager, and our office in the business centre was not big enough for 3 FTE’s. So we moved to another office space, and hired Anneleen that same year to support us in content development. It goes without saying that the growth of our staff, also meant that we hired extra trainers and actors to deliver our training programs.

Time To Move

So after a couple of years, the time was right to move to another office space, We needed enough room to have (large) team meetings and desk space for everybody. That was in 2012. Have we grown since then? Oh yes we did! We are now summer 2018, we just launched our new website, and had to hire a photographer to take pictures of the new hires and to update the pictures of the “old” crew.

But there was always something missing. It was difficult to tell since we loved being at the Watersportbaan (if you don’t know anything in Ghent, just Google it). We can follow yoga and pilates classes in the same building. Or take the dog out for a walk in the Blaarmeersen. We also have a few people in our team who love to run so it is the perfect location to run during our lunch break.

New Location, New Vibes 2018

New location, New Vibes - CUTESolutions OfficeIt was a beautiful afternoon on April 23rd when we visited a house in Sint-Martens-Latem (near Ghent) that was for sale. And it was love at first sight! So we are moving in the fall to this beautiful location. It even has a B&B so if you are looking for a place to stay while visiting Ghent or the surrounding area. So now you know, you’re always welcome to stay! And we are really looking forward to this new location, I am sure that it will be again an energy booster for our team.

Don’t forget to bring us a visit. We are looking forward to welcoming you!

Sofie Geirnaert (Operations and financial manager at CUTE)


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