You Need…

New Habits!

Remember how you learned your kids to brush their teeth every day? We do the same thing for companies. Just with different habits.

Learn Something New


Get Better at It


Automate it

You need people to change their habits

We change 1 key habit with 10h of habit reinforcers over a period of 3 months time
  • week 1

    Find the smallest thing that will make the biggest impact.

  • week 3

    Do the check: tweak your new habit in order to make it stick.

  • week 5

    Talk about your new habit with your peers: how to make this easy?

  • week 7

    Practice micro-skills to become better at it.

  • week 9

    Let it become part of your identity.

  • week 11

    Share and celebrate your success together.

You need managers who are able to change the habits of their team.

We train them to become habit leaders.

Month 1

People want to change, they just don’t want to be changed. So how to lead them through it? In 1 day, they get to know the basics of how habit-building works, and a plan to guide their team through it.

Month 2

After a month, your leaders will be confronted with the messy reality. We give them habit-strategies to get their team back on track.

Month 3

After 3 months, they have succesfully installed one key habit in their team. Time for some sharing and up to the next one!

You need people to do our job once we’re gone

We train them to become habit coaches.

Month 1

We train your internal coaches in our habit method! It’s an intense 4day offsite program on facilitating change, one small habit at the time.

Month 2

Your coaches will change their own habits, and those of their peers. We give them habit-strategies to power through and train them in essential communication-and coaching skills.

Month 3

Your internal coaches become certified in our habit-method, and will follow up individuals and teams in designing new habits once we are gone.