Support your leaders first

Are you making these mistakes?

Let’s take a minute to reflect on your current leadership program. Is it still fitting in these challenging times, or are you the victim of 2 ‘wishful thinking mistakes’?


My people already have all the fundamental leadership habits put into place!

Are you sure that all your leaders have habits for… Giving feedforward before feedback? Following up on feedback? Setting output-oriented instead of input-oriented goals? Following up on goals, not by controlling but by monitoring? etc.


These leadership-habits will ‘follow automatically’ after the training is done.
Are you sure that your training initiatives for leaders achieve an actual sustainable behavioral change?

stop the madness!

You need a leadership program that actually creates behavioral change.

Meet our Leadership

Sprint Program.

It’s a program that consists of a series of 1 month sprints.

We promise you that 80% of all the participants will succesfully change at least 1 leadership-habit every single month!

And that’s no hollow promise. We actually measure this. 

You’re not the athletic type?

Don’t sweat it! 
A sprint is just a series of little training activities, spread over a period of 1 month. In each sprint we will introduce 6 habits on leadership that you selected for your leaders. They will experiment with these habits and we guarantee you that 1 new habit will stick in the long run. You can get started with just one sprint or stack one onto the other.

Every sprint consists of the following activities…

Webinar on habit 1/2/3

We start with a 1h webinar where we introduce 3 leadership habits to your leaders. They will be activated and inspired to get started with them!

Webinar on habit 4/5/6

Next, the participants follow a 2nd webinar on the next 3 habits you selected for them. They will be activated and inspired to get started with these leadership-behaviors in their business as usual!

Habit Coaching

A virtual or in-house coaching session that supports people in building specific habits. What worked? What didn’t? How to tweak these little habits? It helps people not only to get back on track. This session will make them better in managing change as well. 

Habit conversation 1

Next, the leaders experiment with their new habits + have a ‘habit conversation’ with their team(member) on this. This exercise takes +- 20 minutes of time. They create an open dialogue on certain leadership-topics and help them in making their new habits stick in the long run.

Habit conversation 2

After the 2nd webinar the participants experiment with their new habits and have a 2nd habit conversation with their team.

More info on this program? Yes please!


Didn’t find what you were looking for?

We also provide sprint-tracks on the following topics…

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