Leadership Program

For great leaders in the New Now

Good leadership is situational. The new normal definitely holds some leadership challenges that require a specific mindset and skills. But more importantly, it creates the ideal conditions for getting real about leadership paradigms that until now we could still ignore if we chose to. Every month, during one year, we will be building foundational habits for today's leader, characterized by their growth mindset, their ability to create psychological safety in teams and create agile and transparant cultures.

You are what you repeatedly do.



In developing our Leadership Program '12 MONTHS/12 HABITS' we studied the habits of the world's best performing organizations, leaders and teams worldwide and translated them to an actionable learning journey.

There is no other program that starts where this program starts or takes you where this program can take you. It not only helps to solve your problems and frustrations, but it also unlocks your potential and gives you the keys to become a great leader.




After these 12 months, participants will have built transformative habits for:


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