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How was your week? #meetings schmeetings

Hi there,

Ever heard of the quote ‘the days are long but the years are short?’

That’s exactly what I’m experiencing with every workweek at CUTE! For over 9 years I’m working on desiging workshops, reflecting on new products … but I never really took the time to share this with you.

So I decided to start a new habit. And share every week a little thing about my work as a content designer at CUTE.

And this week was all about…meetings!

You know how it goes. The meeting madness. Meetings to prepare meetings, or to follow up on other meetings. Or calls instead of meetings, that should be named meetings because they are! So it seemed like a good idea to share my favorite habits on how to minimize the time you spend in meetings. So you have maximum time to do your actual work!

  • Do you need me for the entire meeting?
    My colleagues know that I’m not the biggest fan of meetings. I love thinking along, but I also love my deep work. So I try to protect it as much as possible. When I notice that a meeting exceeds 3 people, I ask the question: “Do you need me for the entire meeting?” It makes sure that people reflect critically on the content of the meeting, and that I don’t waste time in a meeting where I was only needed for 10 minutes.

  • Is this the most useful way to spend our time right now?
    When a meeting derails into side-topics, I often ask the question: “Is this the most useful way to spend our time right now?” In my experience people will often snap out of what they were doing and say things like: “No you’re right, we should talk about this after this meeting, or we should schedule a different meeting to discuss this issue.”

  • Get out of there!
    If you feel that you are in a meeting that isn’t of much use to you, stand up, and get out of there! You can say things like: “I don’t think you need me for this part anymore?”

  • How was your meeting? Anything I should know about?
    I don’t go to every meeting, but I do often check in on the results of certain meetings. Because I want to know what was discussed, but I don’t need to know every detail on it, or be part of the decision making process. So stay curious! If you see that a colleague has an interesting meeting, that could have potential impact on your job/a project you are working on, make sure you ask for information on it! It’s an easy question. Just an informal ‘How was your meeting? Anything I should know about?’ is just fine!

That’s it! I hope you will try at least one of them, because they make a huge difference in the long run and will spare you lots of time. What is your favorite one?


PS: By the way, we also share these habits in our workshop ‘bring focus to meetings’. A session that starts with asking about your meeting-confessions…. It’s always fun to hear what people bring up! Meeting madness is definitely something we all struggle with 😉 

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