Happy workforce habits

Happy workforce habits

Happy workforce habits

Today we are going to talk about one of my favorite topics: arbeidsglaede. This sexy word actually comes from the Scandinavian people. Arbeid stands for work and glaede means happiness. Basically it’s the feeling people experience when they feel good at work. It’s what people feel when they do something they love doing.

The Progress Principle

One of the best ways to create “arbeidsglaede“, is helping your people achieve results at work. Theresa Amabile, the author of The Progress Principle, has spend years finding out what the factors are that contribute to happiness at work (=arbeidsglaede). According to the Harvard Business School professor, the single most important factor for engagement in the workplace, is the progress principle. People have great days at work when they are making progress in meaningful work. Basically achieving results, makes people happy. Good managers know how to build a cadre of employees who have great inner work live.

“It’s forward momentum in meaningful work-progress that creates the best inner work lives.”

Habits that help build a happy workforce

Become aware of your tailwinds.

People have the tendency to focus on the “headwind” that is slowing them down. Headwinds are the things that are blocking progress or making things worse for a business. But in the meantime they don’t notice the “tailwind” that helped them make progress. At the end of each working day reflect on the “tailwinds”. What are the things that helped you make progress today?

Divide your work

Divide your work into little chunks of tasks. As a result you will experience small wins throughout the day!

Your to-do list

Every morning start your day with making a to-do list. Write down what you want to accomplish each day. When you complete an item, cross them off your list. This will make your progress visual to you and you will feel like you are making meaningful progress!


Good luck with those new happy workforce habits!

Haroun (online manager CUTESolutions)

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