Habit Festival

Bring people together for great conversations!

A high-energy unforgettable large-group event, that will leave people inspired to have more and better conversations at work.

Energy fuels behavioral change.


This event is designed to inspire, connect and activate people towards habit change. What's unique about this event, is that most events focus only on making the event itself inspiring. But the habit festival, by design, holds the power for lasting change.

In preparation of the habit festival, we select together with you 8 conversations your people should be having around your focus-areas. During the habit festival, everyone gets the opportunity to have 2 of these conversations with their peers. 

A habit festival consists of:

  • Inspiring and activating introduction to what makes a good conversation and why you need more of them
  • 2 self-guided conversations in pairs or small groups (of your choice) 
  • Plenary sharing of experiences (spoiler alert: this gets intense)
  • Closing ceremony

After the habit festival, for the next 6 months, your people continue having 1 monthly meaningful conversation.


Meaningful conversations are conversations around challenges, engagement, development, using strengths at work, frustrations, career choices, collaboration... And yet, most of our participants tell us that the day-to-day gets so busy that these conversations happen much less than they would like. And when they do happen, the common experience is that they tend to get awkward and unsatisfying. Because we are what we repeatedly do and having meaningful conversations is a skill and it requires space and structure.

Our 10-minute, self-guided conversations provide just that and the habit festival is the perfect environment to create awareness and momentum around them. Once people have experienced their power, it's hard not to become addicted. 

Our 10' workouts

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