Get your free demo-session!

How can you use our habit method in your organization? Discover it during a 30 minute demo-session!

Do I fit the profile?

You can request a free demo-session if you have a training-need you want to explore with us. It can be vague, it can be an early-stage idea, but you need to be able to answer the question: I want to train… (these kinds of people) in…(these kinds of skills/habits)

Who should I ask to join?

You will need 5 to 10 participants for this demo-session. Ideally, it is given for a select group of HR and some people from the business.

What will I learn?

During this workshop, you will…

  • Discover how habit learning works in a business environment.
  • Define the key habits that will be essential for the learning track you have in mind.
  • Gain insight in how to build blended learning tracks, based on habit-design.

Where will it take place?

At the location of your choice: your company or the CUTE HQ

Who's CUTE?

At CUTESolutions, we help organizations create the change they want, by closing the knowing-doing gap with habit training and coaching.

A free demo?

Count me in!