Feedback Culture

In this sprint we focus on 6 key habits for creating a feedback culture, in which giving and receiving feedback becomes a positive reflex.


Feedback Culture Habit Sprint

The key habits are essentially the evidence-based smallest impactful behaviors that people can do on a daily basis to create a culture in which people have enough trust, openness and honed communication skills to continuously give and receive feedback.

The tricky part of getting feedback learning programs right, is that whilst building the habit of feedback is definitely the desired outcome of the program, giving feedback is not the right place to start. Giving feedback without the presence of psychological safety, clarity in expectations and trust, all too often backfires. In this program, we will start with the habits, that research and our experience have proven to be the easiest to acquire for the largest group of people and have the most impact on the creation of a feedback culture, regardless of the starting point of the people and teams involved.

In this habit sprint we will get you started with the best* habits for...

*smallest + highest conversion rate + most impactful


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