Digitalize your

learning solutions

Choose from a variety of online formats.

The last 7 years we worked hard on all our digital classes to make them as good as our offline ones. They are highly interactive, pull-based (= we develop content based on the questions/input of the participants) and personal.


Max 100 people/group

These are high-energy, interactive 1h sessions. Each webinar is facilitated by a habit expert and a side-kick. The goal is to highlight the TOP 3 habits of a topic, inspire and activate people!

Habit Coaching

Max 100 people/group

In these webinars we coach people specifically in building new habits. This to get people ‘unstuck’ and keep behavioral change going. We answer all their questions and help them with tips and strategies to create habits that stick in the long run!

Digital Workshops

Max 10 people/group

TheseĀ are workshops of max 1/2 day in smaller groups where we can work on a more individual level. This is a great format if you want to do a team-coaching, a digital brainstorm or build a specific skill.

Habit Conversations

Our habit conversations are digital exercises that your people can do at their own time. Together with their team, or just with one colleague.

Each exercise takes +- 20 minutes of time, and helps them in making their new habits stick in the long run. Every conversation consists of an interactive workbook.

We provide online and offline solutions for all of these topics

Working from home

Leading virtual teams

Virtual meetings

Staying connected

Positive mindset

Team agreements

NWoW hopes and fears

Autonomy and responsibility

Speed of trust behaviors

Creating an agile mindset

Result-oriented working

Leadership in NWoW

Boosting creativity

Design thinking

Situational leadership into practice

Asking the right coaching questions

Coaching to grow

Habit coaching

Managing change

Managing stress & energy

Nature at work

Happiness at work

Giving feedback

Receiving feedback

Delivering your message

Crucial conversations

Communicate with impact

Diverse communication styles

Ted Storytelling


Non-violent communication

Influencing and convincing

Pitch perfect

Time-management – Tactical

Time-management – strategic

Emotional intelligence

How women rise

Find focus

Bringing focus to meetings



Starting with why

Creating a feedback culture

Agile goal-setting

Check-in conversations

Building on your strengths

Preparing my appraisal

Learning to learn

My personal development plan

The T-shaped professional

How to build new habits


Creating a learning team

Negotiation skills

Consultative selling

Closing the deal

Create moments of impact