Are You Up For Change?

Unfortunately 70% of change projects fail.

That's the bad news.

We cracked the code & want to share it with you!

That's the good news.

What to Expect From Our Cultural Change Programs?

Habit Building in Team 100%
A Mutual Language on Change 80%
Trainings by Internal Habit Experts 60%

Change in 3 steps


Find Focus

We start with a focus workshop for ExCom to decide on the expected change (= What ‘kind of people’ do we need?) & the key habits (= small habits that could have a transformative domino-effect in the organization) that have priority right now.


Train your people in our method

Next, we train your internal coaches/trainers in our habit method, during our in-depth ‘habit expert program’.


Build New Habits in Teams

The teams translate the key habits set by ExCom into small, daily habits that make sense to them, during team coaching sessions that are facilitated by the internal habit experts.

During The Change Track, Teams Will...

Develop Habits in Their Business as Usual.

Change doesn’t have to happen in big leaps! The teams change by experimenting with small daily habits. During the team coachings, we don’t endlessly discuss the big vision behind it: it is about solving their day to day issues & helping them become more agile, happy & productive at work.

Kick-Start a Dialogue.

We kick-start a dialogue in teams on ‘the way we work’ on several key habits. For example: what kind of feedback do I like to receive more often? How can I adjust my communication style to my colleagues?…

Have Fun.

We provide your organization with a tool that makes change easy & sustainable in the long run. Building new habits creates a fun vibe within a team, the habit experts & between various teams in your organization.

What They Say...