Conversation Culture is our conversation skills program.

For more than 15 years this has been one of our most popular training programs.

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With our elite team of trainers and business actors, we create unique learning experiences, that change the way people have conversations forever.

  • Training people in the principles of radical candor, crucial conversations, meaningful conversations and feedback and conflict management
  • Personalized and focused skills training, 
  • A concrete toolkit for having more and better in-person conversations in your organization.


  • 90-minute session "Meaningful Conversations"
  • 5 self-guided on-the-job conversations around 
    • Are we good listeners?
    • Do we demonstrate radical candor?
    • Do we bring structure and focus to our conversations?
    • Are we asking each other the right questions? 
    • Are we setting healthy boundaries?
  • 1/2 day skills training - small groups (max. 8 people)


  • Habit festival:

    A high-energy unforgettable large-group event, that will leave people inspired to have more and better conversations at work.

  • 10 self-guided on-the-job conversations around 
    • Do we enter conversations with a positive and clear intention?
    • How can we bring depth to our conversations?
    • How can we have strengths-focused conversations?
    • How can we speak up more?
    • How can we make our conversations safe?
    • What are our conversations triggers?
    • How do we balance "give and take" in our conversations?
    • How do we have conversations about emotions?
    • How do we work through conflicts together?
    • How do we have adult-adult conversations?
  • 1/2 day skills training - small groups (max. 8 people)