How was your week? #checkins

Hi there,

Ever heard of the quote ‘the days are long but the years are short?’

That’s exactly what I’m experiencing with every workweek at CUTE! For over 9 years I’m working on desiging workshops, reflecting on new products … but I never really took the time to share this with you.

So I decided to start a new habit. And share every week a little thing about my work as a content designer at CUTE.

And this week was all about…designing a track together with INTUO

Already heared from them?

Intuo is a digital platform that helps people with having regular check-in conversations. You can give each other feedback online, set your goals and follow up on them. It’s a great tool for doing quick check-ins as well. Perfect if you are looking for a way to make your performance management system more agile, and support it with an online system.

But here’s the catch. Even with this amazing tool, people still need to develop new habits on this. So they start using it on a daily basis, in their business as usual.

So that’s what I designed this week: a session to help people create new check-in habits, with use of this tool.

Still not used to checking in on a regular basis? Here are some little habits you could give a try:

  • Schedule bi-weekly check-ins of 30 minutes with your manager at a fixed time. Send a mail a couple of days before to confirm this check-in. If you don’t need it, you can just say you want to cancel, but because it’s in your calendar you will be able to use it if necessary.

  • Make the unvisible visible. What aren’t you saying that needs to be said? What are you saying that isn’t being heard right now? It takes some courage, but these are great topics to talk about during a check-in.

  • Ask for a walk and a talk. You don’t have to make a check-in a formal meeting. You can always ask for a walking-meeting as well, to make it easier to discuss difficult topics.

  • What’s on your mind? How can I help? These are two very powerful questions to start any check-in.

It can feel strange at first, but research shows that regular check-ins lead to happier and more productive people. So give it a try next week 🙂


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