Blended Habit Learning Track

What Does it Look Like?

In every blended learning track, we take the following 3 steps into account:

Step 1: Habit Kick-Off

People embrace change, they just don’t want to ‘be changed’.

That’s why we start with a fun, inspirational kick-off activity. This can be a 90′ workshop, a toolbox-event or even a digital training.

The goal is to get everyone in ‘experiment-mode’: they will give a new, small habit a try, that they truly feel enthousiastic about.

Step 2: Habit Creation

88%¬†of all habit attempts fail. Yes, reality hits hard… It takes just a minute to reflect on your new years resolutions of this year to see my point. That’s why we need step 2: the habit creation. People will need extra support: new skills, tweaked habits and answers to their difficult questions. We provide this during our skills-trainings, team- and peer-coachingsessions. So you will need at least one of those activities if you don’t want to give up on your people.

Step 3: Habit Care

People will try, and fail. And try, and fail. And try, and fail… yes, I can go on like this for a while. On average, it takes 6-7 habit tweaks before people succeed in creating a new habit. Changing behavior is hard work, and you can only do it in a caring environment. So don’t ignore the 3rd step. It’s the final step in creating long-lasting habit-change. The habit care stage can consists of various things: a 2nd team/peer coaching, a follow-up webinar or maybe a train the trainer program for internal ambassadors on habit-design. Wathever it is, you will need some kind of support in this final stage of change in order to make it stick.

The Habit Flow

A blueprint of our 6 month blended learning track


Activity 1 - Habit Kick-off

An alignment workshop for the top to decide on the key habits that will be essential to reach your business ambition. (1 day for excom or project team)

Habit activation workshop(s)

Activity 2 - Habit Kick-off

High-energy, inspiring 90' workshop(s) on the smallest things that will make the biggest impact. (90 minutes in groups of 25 to 100 people)


Activity 3 - Habit Creation

A guided coaching session together with peers to speed up the progress towards habit change: What worked? What didn't work? How come? How to tweak my new habits for success? (3h in groups of 5 people)

Skills training

Activity 4 - Habit Creation

A practice-session, designed to improve your skills on the spot with professional business actor. Because without a propper skillset your new habits won't make a big difference. (1/2 day in groups of 10 people)

The Mingles

Activity 5 - Habit Creation

You don't design new habits on a personal island. You're impacting the business with it. So better talk about it with your colleague. The mingles wil help you do that. Every mingle is a small exercise that will make working together more easy. It's DIY e-learning, together with your colleagues. (Every mingle takes 15 minutes of your time)

Peer coaching 2

Activity 6 - Habit Care

A guided digital coaching session together with peers to gain indepth knowledge on how habit-building works: What is your habit type? How to speed up the habit building process in the upcoming months? And what are new strategies to give a try? (90' in groups of 5 people)

Closure in Style

Activity 6 - Habit Care

At the end of this habit track the participants receive a digital badge and share their habit-success stories with the top and their peers during an internal closure event.

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