Young Professional Program

Building good habits early on in your career.

Research shows that after 6 months, young professionals have taken over 90% of the bad habits of the existing culture. Help them take the short-cut and learn from the best.

Habit change first time right.



Step by step, you’ll build new habits that will assist you in building the habits and skills you need as a young professional in changing times.

In developing our Young Professional Development Program '6 MONTHS/6 HABITS' we studied the habits of the world's best performing organizations, leaders and teams worldwide and translated them to an actionable learning journey.

There is no other program that starts where this program starts or takes you where this program can take you. It not only helps to solve your problems and frustrations, but it also unlocks your potential and gives you the keys to becoming an emotionally intelligent, resilient, proactive and productive professional.



After these 6 months, participants will have built transformative habits for:


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