People Learn More When They Learn a Little a Lot.

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During a 90' workshop we...

Build Awareness

90-minute workshops are powerful mindset interventions, even one session can be enough to change beliefs and behavior permanently. They create awareness, understanding and a shared language.

Kick-Start New Habits

The workshops are high-energy and interactive, designed to appeal to individuals and teams to learn. They are action-packed and encourage immediate action after the session. The sooner the first new habit in practice happens, the higher chance of sustainable impact.

It's a Mini-Track!


DIY Challenge

1 week before the 90′ workshop you experiment with an experience­-oriented DIY
(= Do It Yourself) challenge that exposes your personal needs regarding the topic.


90′ Workshop

During the 90-minute workshop we focus on: 1) creating an ‘Aha’ experience that changes people’s mindset on the topic forever and 2) introducing the TOP habits: those small habits that have big impact when practiced daily.


Digital Follow-up and Habit Support

After the workshop, you get started with building your personalized new habit that will help you achieve your goals.

Toolbox Event

Are you searching for an inspiring day?

Organize a toolbox-event to inspire & activate on several 90′ topics at once!


You can order 1 or a series of 90′ workshops, but why not build your own learning academy by mixing 90′ workshops with our other bite-sized training formats?
(webinars – skills training)



Maybe the best thing about our 90-minute workshops is, that the format works so well, we can train your senior managers to deliver them. And whilst we love delivering them ourselves of course, we recognize the benefit of empowering your leaders to share their own best practices using our cutting-edge training formats.

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