90 Minute Sessions

Dream Big, Start Small

Bite-sized intervention to energize, inspire and activate. We focus on the specific foundation habits related to the soft skill topic of your choice.

You don't need more than 90 minutes to get started.



90-minutes sessions are live or virtual interactive trainings to activate and inspire your people with new evidence-based habits on a specific topic. During each workshop we zoom in on the specific foundation habits related to the chosen softskill topic. The workshops are highly interactive, personal and fun!


Why opt for this format?

You want to create awareness, understanding and a shared language through a short workshop?

90-minute workshops are powerful mindset interventions, even one session can be enough to change beliefs and behavior permanently.

The workshops are high-energy and interactive, designed to appeal to individuals and teams to learn. They are action-packed and encourage immediate action after the session. The sooner the first new habit in practice happens, the higher chance of sustainable impact.

Add a skillstraining to your 90' session to practice the learned skills and optimize the impact in the day to day business.


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