Great Changes through Little Habits

Behavioral change programs that actually work. The proof is in the daily habits.
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Do you know why most training courses fail?

Not because they aren't awesome, but because they try to implement massive change through massive steps.

But that doesn’t work...

It's not because people know what they have to do, or even know how to do it, that they do it: this is called the knowing-doing gap. And that's exactly why we believe in: Great changes through little habits.


Build the skills your people need through evidence-based habits

CUTESolutions has developed a unique method to impact directly your people's skills. This method, called the CUTESolutions Habit Method ©, is an evidence-based approach where we focus on building the most impactful habits that will directly impact the skills of your people and the culture of your team or organization.


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SkillsGym is our soft skills training membership program.

40+ skills

  • Blended learning paths
  • Bite-sized learning; focused on building habits and micro-skills
  • Self-lead online individual and team exercises

Check out our complete programs:

  • Young Leadership Development
  • Become a Situational Leader in Practice
  • Reinvented Performance Management. Create a culture of continuous performance and development conversations.
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Conversation Culture

Conversation Culture is our conversation skills program.

For more than 15 years this has been one of our most popular training programs.

With our elite team of trainers and business actors, we create unique learning experiences, that change the way people have conversations forever. 

  • Training people in the principles of radical candor, crucial conversations, meaningful conversations and feedback and conflict management
  • Personalized and focused skills training, 
  • A concrete toolkit for having more and better in-person conversations in your organization.
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