Great Changes through Little Habits

Behavioral change programs that actually work. The proof is in the daily habits.


Do you know why most training courses fail?

Not because they aren't awesome, but because they try to implement massive change through massive steps.

But that doesn’t work...

It's not because people know what they have to do, or even know how to do it, that they do it: this is called the knowing-doing gap. And that's exactly why we believe in: Great changes through little habits.


Build the skills your people need through evidence-based habits

CUTESolutions has developed a unique method to impact directly your people's skills. This method, called the CUTESolutions Habit Method ©, is an evidence-based approach where we focus on building the most impactful habits that will directly impact the skills of your people and the culture of your team or organization.

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Open Program in the spotlight

Do the leaders in your organization: Ask and give feedback as a natural and frequent habit? Set and follow-up result-oriented goals? Bring in positivity, fun and know how to turn stress into energy? 

If you can’t say with certainty ‘Hell, yeah!’, this program is for you. It is designed to do only one thing: help leaders build the evidence-based smallest habits with the biggest impact for: Leading Self, Leading Others, Leading Teams, Leading Strategy.

In this open program, we help new and experienced leaders to build the 12 key habits for leadership. 450€/year.

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